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  • Size A

    Size A

    3'' - 4'' girth


    All lengths

  • Size B

    Size B

    4'' - 5.5'' girth


    All lengths

  • Size C

    Size C

    5.5'' - 6.5'' girth


    All lengths

Most Popular Size!

Fits Every Man
  • washable
  • re-useable
  • interchangeable

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Autoblow 2+

Retail Price $179.00

Web Only Price $159.95

You Save 11%
Get it fast! We ship all orders within 1 business day.
What has two thumbs and loves blowjobs? You, obviously. With the new and improved Autoblow 2+, you'll soon experience the sex toy for men that sets a new standard in realistic solo experiences.

Give your arm a rest and allow the Autoblow 2+ to work a load or two out - automatically. The sleeve pops out in a second for easy cleaning. You'll need a water-based lubricant, plus you might want to use a toy cleaner to make sure your sleeves are squeaky clean when you're done.

The package deal has just been added! Double your pleasure and privacy with a handle and discreet storage case at a web-only price. ENJOY!

Autoblow 2+

Retail Price $179.00

Web Only Price $159.95

You Save 11%
Get it fast! We ship all orders within 1 business day.
What has two thumbs and loves blowjobs? You, obviously. With the new and improved Autoblow 2+, you'll soon experience the sex toy for men that sets a new standard in realistic solo experiences.

Give your arm a rest and allow the Autoblow 2+ to work a load or two out - automatically. The sleeve pops out in a second for easy cleaning. You'll need a water-based lubricant, plus you might want to use a toy cleaner to make sure your sleeves are squeaky clean when you're done.

The package deal has just been added! Double your pleasure and privacy with a handle and discreet storage case at a web-only price. ENJOY!

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Autoblow 2+

Average Rating (64 users)
As a gamer, I find myself losing focus during long matches. Getting my dick sucked for hours at end really helps me focus, and since I work from home, I find myself using this machine during otherwise boring hours.

Seriously, if every guy in the world had one of these, we'd have world peace.

By Nahyuta Sahdmadhi

This is the best thing I bought in a long time! Love it. Found the best feel is when I lube up my whole cock, Yeah!

By ristpain

What an orgasm! The third row really makes it happen, but at a speed that is slow enough so that when the time comes, it really does blow your mind. Great!


When it came in the mail I was so excited to try it out, but overall I would say it is average. I've been a Fleshlight user for awhile now and I wanted to try something different. I am average sized. It's not as loud as I thought it would be, based on other reviews I've read, but it is a little noisy. Overall it was a good feeling to get a load out without actually jerking off like with my Fleshlight. Cleanup is very easy and shipping was very fast, so I'm thankful for that. It's an interesting gadget, but it would be much better with suction.

By Dan

I purchased the autoblow with both sleeves A and B. I am about six and a half inches, and normal thickness.. The autoblow offers me good sensation and I was able to finish. I think even better the thicker you are.

By Tom R

This is a really unique toy. I'm not a fan of textured sleeves, as they tend to overstimulate as I'm finishing, so I was curious to try an automated device. There's a completely different vibe when letting a machine do all the work, and the first time I used it, I struggled to "let go". Once it's running, you're not automatically stroking to the exact tempo that gets you off. After a couple sessions, there's something kind of great about warming up with the slowest speeds. You can turn this up to an impressively powerful and fast stroke, but I think folks that just live at that fastest speed are missing out on the potential of this gadget.

While they advertise this as a way to improve stamina, it's also useful for re-training guys who use too tight a grip or super tight toys. I'm on the larger side of the medium sleeve. You don't need tons of lube. Just a little lube to help the insert, and you're off and running.

The artificial skin sleeve is high quality and has a nice feel to it. It's really floppy and easy to clean out, though with only one open end, it can be a little tricky to properly dry it out. It's worth reiterating here that the smooth internal tube is perfect for guys who don't like textures.

The construction of the motor feels solid. I trust the manufacturer claims regarding the life of this motor. The range of action delivers a full massaging feeling. I don't think it feels quite like a blowjob, as you never leave the unit while you're getting stroked, but it's a very pleasant experience.

The unit is large, just a touch smaller than a 24oz canister of coffee. Holding on to the AB was a little distracting at first, but I got over that pretty quick. The easy-grip handle might not be a bad idea for guys with health issues, or who don't want to hold on to the actual unit.

Others have mentioned that this is loud, and it is. If you use video as an aid, pop in some headphones and you should be fine.

When you fire up this motor, and feel how fast it can track, it's easy to understand why this really wouldn't work as a battery powered device. This thing would chew through disposable batteries, and it would require a prohibitively large rechargeable battery to keep this action running for any length of time.

Actually using the AB, it's become a regular option for those times I want to spend a little time on my own. Speed adjustments are finely delineated, and it's easy to dial in a rate to keep you aroused and plateauing without pushing you over the edge. The finish is great, as it doesn't "tickle", and even when cranking faster, it's still more of a massaging action during your recovery or cool down. You're not getting overly suctioned or "pinched".

Because of the size, noise, prep, and cleanup, I'm removing one star. Overall though this is an easy gadget to recommend for guys out there who want to play with something a bit different. If you're looking to mix up your routine a bit, if you want to re-train some of your masturbation bad habits, or if you want to work on your stamina with an industrial strength motor, the AutoBlow 2+ has a lot to offer.

By John C

It arrived quick and was discrete like advertised but the device is not designed for all lengths. My cock is only 2.5 inches long while hard and I thought all lengths meant ALL lengths. And if u only find this out after u buy it, ur fucked from the return policy. So if you have a very short penis like me be careful because I think you need at least a 3.5" or 4" long cock to make this work.

By Anonymous

Feels more realistic than I expected.
It is also louder than expected. I would probably pay an extra $50 for noise reduction, but at this price its an excellent product.
Shipping was discrete as expected.

By Anonymous

this sucks the soul out of my cock

By Thunder cock

I loved version 2 so much that mine just wore out! I came back to buy another one, and SURPRISE! Version 2+ Is out. I'm excited. I even waiting until it was at a huge discount. Psyched. Wish it was here already.

I love having my girlfriend use it on me as if she was pushing down another girls head! Lots of fun for us.

By Michael

This has to be the best thing I have ever used. It is amazing. The shipping was quick. The product is well made and feels amazing from the base to the tip of my member. Saying all this I have a few items to address, 1 like many say it is not battery operated, 2 it is loud, for me not a big deal I use it when I travel, but it's loud enough to wake my wife, 3 is minor but I wish it came with a cap top and something to store the sleeve in when not in use. Otherwise this product would have got a 5 star.

By Louis


By Unknown

Good, but not a bj replacement. Feels like a real bj from a girl who isn't a pro blowjob giver. Eventually she'll get you there but it may take a while! Hands free though, so still good.

By Bob Dabolina

it was okay.... pretty good at first but squeezed my cock a little too hard... i guess i should have gotten a bigger size ;)

By brad anderson

Love it! Greatest invention I have literally ever used. Many, many times. Many. Often.

By Ben Polson

I was an Indiegogo backer for the original version 2, and now after 2 years tonight the motor gave out. I didn't get to 500 hours of use. I can't speak highly enough for the sensation. It offers a truly phenomenal feeling. It was great while it lasted, but unfortunate timing since I just received the bonus sleeve and case.

By Mike S

I finally purchased one, after months of going through it in my head and seeing your ads on just about every porn site. This by far one of the greatest masturbation aids I have ever used. I have never had this good of a feeling that didn't require dinner first.

If you're in the fence about it, just trust me. This is worth it.

By Stephen

This is by far the best sex toy for men I have ever used. My wife purchased it for me. The day I received it I gave it a try when I got home. The way this affects your hole body is amazing! I have been able to have multiple orgasms both times I have used it. The after orgasm affects are so good it is almost unbearable but feels so good! This was worth my money and worth the time when my wife is gone working. The only downfall is the sleeve which is already showing wear after only using it 15 times. For this reason I have to give it a four star rating.

By Kevin

It arrived relatively quickly, within a couple of days. It is loud but it does what it supposed to do. It was the first time I ever purchased this kind of product because I normally prefer my hand. It is pretty fun overall, and offers a new sensation. I just wish it was quieter.

By joeblow

My very own blowjob robot!! HAHAHAHAHHA I am a happy customer!!!!!

By Jay S

For those guys looking for something new, I can recommend this but with a few exceptions. First, if you need something to be silent because you live with your parents or have roommates, you will not be able to use this silently without people knowing about it! But if you can carve out some private time for yourself, it can be a pleasureable device. Just put on some headphones, watch porn, and let it jerk you off.

By Fong K.

I purchased the Autoblow 2 and they offered me a discount on the 2+ so I came back to purchase it. The 2+ is a big improvement over the original one, especially with the third row of beads. I thought it did not stimulate me enough before, but this time it got the job done.

By Kevin S.

Was unaware it had to be plugged in while being used, but it works as described.

By Chris Pf.

It's not as good as a girlfriend, but it is less expensive. I give it 4/5 stars

By Batman69


By Gabe

I am confined to a wheelchair since an accident and was referred here by a website for spinal injured people. The handle is an excellent accessory for someone like me. I cannot grip very well, so it worked as needed for me.

By Wade

My sleeve has started to have some small surface rips and customer service told me it was normal. Although I can still use it and the rips are not severe, you should disclose that the sleeves eventually need replacement.

By Adam R.

Much better than any other sex machines for men. It's not perfect, but for the price, a nice thing to own.

By Dani

Your instructions have a few typos in my language that you might want to fix! Nice job with the cartoon!!

By Lady Star

I was an Indiegogo backer who owned the first version 2. I accepted your offer for a discounted 2+. You have made some good improvements, I am looking forward to version 3.

By Sam

My version 2 had problems with the sleeve wearing out. I just got my 2+ and saw that you changed the beads structure to fix the issue. It works much better so far. The noise is still an issue, but at least it is a serious improvement.

By Tim R.

My penis says thank you (and my wife says thank you also)!!!!!!!!!

By Jim W.

I purchased this for my husband because I have a health problem and cannot have sex for several months. We have played with it together and found it physically satisfying, but too large.

By Harvey B

LOVE THE NEW HANDLE! Adds to the hands-free feeling. I wish it was battery operated.

By Alex B.

It is too expensive for what it does!

By Brian

This thing really rocks It feels like a real mouth down there The best BJ I ever had From a machineI run hot water over it To get it warmI use coconut oil On it for my lube It melts when it's warm It's fantastic The oil Gets warm to the touch And my cock Gets really warm with the machine It's a win-win situationI need to get that handle attachmentMy wife ~~~Kind of jealous of that I thinkI don't want to hurt her feelings ButShe has a problem Using her teeth And this has no teeth A satisfied customer BJ

By bj

the motor makes noise, but it is less annoying than listening to my wife complain when I accidentally cum in her mouth again

By Claude Bawls

Great product. I am glad they sell the small size.

By off Grid

Works as described. Would have paid more for it. The storage case only fits the unit and doesn't fit the cord and and wall plug so have to store separately.

By JohnDoe

Worth every penny.

By YourMom

I suffer from MS and they sent me one as a tester. I can't use my hands well anymore so I can't hold the other types of masturbators. This will change my solo sex life. Hope you guys can make the floor stand you mentioned soon. It really grips my entire shaft tightly and the stroke ends right at the tip. I am working on a wheelchair mount and can share the design with you guys if you want.

By ismiel

I don't think I need a girlfriend at this point :)

By Ian

Holy crisp. This product is great. Queued up some favorite bj porn and it was like a hot guy was working on my tool.

The good...really feels like a bj.

The bad...not silent (but not as loud as a blender); sleeve doesn't stay in place if you help by moving the mouth back and forth (maybe I'm a little rough); the speed button needs to be bigger and easier to slow down or speed up (hard to do when you have lube all over your hands...I spilled a bottle of poppers trying to get to the slower setting before I blew too soon...imagine explaining that commotion to roommate next door).

By Jp

Amazing! A must have ! Especially for guys in a sexless relationship. This product will get you through.

By Ken tribes

It works very well mechanically but guys that get the "c" size beware. My C sleeve wore out after a few months, and they told me that is normal, maybe it is, maybe its not. Overall good investment and will try the middle size and hope my girth isn't a problem. The large one was a bit tight though so I'm nervous to step it down, but on the diagrams of the sleeve it looks to be thicker walls.

By Alex k

This thing changed my g*d damn mother f*cking life. I have been growing my beard and hair for religious reasons since I was born and I refuse to cut them so needless to say, ladies can get picky. Usually when I do this stuff manually I get sleepy. This thing I can just stick between the mattress, kiss it a little, then away we go.

By dogfood55

I am slightly above average sized (7" by 5") and i bought this with the B sleeve. It is a bit noisy when turned up to max speed but isn't too bad. Some other reviewers mention some negative things about sound and about tightness and most are true. But nothing in this world is perfect, so I'll take blowjobs whenever and wherever I can get them. In the end this product works almost as advertised for me.

By Harry Peters

I don't know what to say. All I can say is this is just perfect thing I was in search of. Really gives great pleasure whether my girlfriend is out of town. Gives me the feeling of getting of my girlfriend to give me a hand job. Thanks!!

By Ajinkya W

I had some initial issues with the unit, so I contacted customer service. They were responsive and took care of everything. This is a great company to do business with. Renan in customer service is the best!

By T.S.

God damn nigga this thing had me bust like a fuckin fountain shit i ain't never gonna fight for real pusssy again

By Nevid B

Very impressed with the entire product. The motor noise is negligible. I can't wait for any new products.

By Louis

Tried this for the first time today. All I can say is WOW. This machine is very good and very satisfying. You will be disappointed if you really think a machine can feel like someone else sucking your cock, but when no one else is available, this is a legit substitute.

By Louis James

WOW JUST WOW. I am a virgin who knows nothing but the feeling of my own hand. I've tried fleshlight, but I honestly preferred my hand over it. BUT THIS, this is a whole other ball park of awesome. I was skeptical up until, and including the moment I inserted, but once I powered it on while inserted, OH. MY. GOD. I never would have that pleasure like that was humanly possible. Only reason for 4 star review is 1 glaringly obvious negative, the sound. But if you can get over the noise, BEST ORGASM OF MY LIFE.

By Don

This product is great. Having a disability made sex very difficult. NOT ANYMORE! Thank you so much! I have already told a few friends, some disabled and some not, Thanks again to Renan in the Sales department! This product has changed my life!

By mike s

This is really great. It is not hands free, in that you have to hold the unit, or you can prop it some way. Or just pay up and buy the handle. I am medium, and found the grip a little lighter than I would have liked. Maybe need two sizes of machines, or have adjustable tension on future versions. I am not sure, but looking into the device, it appears big guys would get a tighter grip. However, it is still great, not too loud and easy to clean. As close to the real thing as you can get at this time. Should be great for phone sex.

By pghjim

motor is stong,, not failed to get me off yet!!! not really a blowjob feeling,, but more like a great handjob which works well with me, just bought the vagina sleeve and cant wait for it, done some minor modification to my auto blow2 to make it tighter, and man, cant hardly stand the intense pleasure of it, im average so before I mod it I had to hold it a certain way to get off, now I bust quick everytime, I would not recommend modify yours unless you know what your doing!!!!! but even before I did that it was great, maybe I just needed the smaller sleeve, who knows but gets me off fine, thank you makers of autoblow2,, but would say the speed button needs to be on side somewhere

By Ken S

Wonderful product, it's not terribly loud as other posts complain about. Can't hear the motor over the explatives you will surely be voicing. Main complaint is that I didn't purchase it sooner. Nice job design team.

By Jim

it blows my mind,, I lay on the bed with my shorts on and put it between waist band and me and let it work while watching my fav porn vid on the ipad,, when this one wears out I will buy another!!! has yet to fail at getting me off!!!

By trucker64

I Just want to say that the AutoBlow 2 is a masterpiece. When i fucked it first i was blown away.

By Dildo Faggins

The best toy I've used and I've bought me it'd better than the real thing !! And you don't have to listen to the mouth when your done.just remove sleeve and wash and go for round two.I've had it about a month and the sleeve separated the mouth part from the bottom but I emailed them and they agreed that shouldn't happen and so they sent me 2 sleeves for free. If it wasn't for this I would easily have giving it 5 stars.

By Casey highberg

The main positive point of this toy is that you don't have to move something up and down. The Autoblow 2 does the jerking motion for you. My penis is average and the average sleeve worked well but I am curious what sensation I would feel if i got another sleeve. It is on the expensive side though.

By mj

Used the toy 6-7 times. I would rate this an 8.5/10. I am about 6" but I'm not girthy. If this toy had an option to loosen and tighten the ring (beads) then this would be a 10/10. You can feel the beads ok, but probably its the same for all guys, tighter is better, and very very tight is even better. I am able to reach orgasm in about 10 minutes while watching porn, maybe 15 if no porn. But I think if it was tighter, I could get down to the 5 minute mark with this thing. Make sure you get some lube with it, you don't need to use a lot of lube but it is necessary. Hand cream and that sort of stuff may work, but I wouldn't want to deteriorate the sleeve. I got the handle which is convenient for making it more realistic, but the handle is a wee bit pricey unless you get the package deal.

By Peter

Really cool: when I told my wife that this machine is better then her at getting me off she kicked me out of her house. Thank you so much I love you guys.

By carlos

This is a very good product. It does what it is supposed to do. It makes you cum. I am 70 years old and do not climax well, but this does the job. I would highly recommend it and would love to test for this company. Jon

By jon