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Discreet Storage Case
Discreet Storage Case Discreet Storage Case Discreet Storage Case Discreet Storage Case
While some Autoblow owners may proudly display their Autoblows atop the kitchen counter or even as showcase pieces in the living room, others would prefer to keep their masturbation habits private. For those people, we created this convenient and discreet display case. This case is made from a heavy duty nylon material and is more commonly seen in this shape as a storage case for expensive camera lenses. Simply place your Autoblow inside, zip up the top, and store it!

There is no branding on the outside of this storage case, so no one can know what is inside of the case by looking at the outside of the case. Your blowjob machine will be safe inside from prying eyes! You can even choose to use a small padlock to secure the case, by placing the padlock onto the two zipper pulls. We’ve made this available at a low price for a limited time only.

Discreet Storage Case

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